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by Dawn Michelle Walter

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The Next WRITE Thing is an on-demand outsourcing platform for professional writing services.

We are built specifically for business and non-profit professionals who value consistent quality.

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Our mission is to add substantial value to non-profit organizations and socially conscious businesses. We’re here to help make sure your words are an asset; to tell your story, bring your ideas to life, and get your message across. We also are here to help you improve your own writing, through workshops and on-the-job coaching. Ultimately, we’re here to help you realize the true financial value of the words you use.

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From the Blog

18 Aug: More Than Just a Copywriter

My clients say I’m more than just a copywriter. They are referring to the fact that I deliver value beyond what’s needed to put words on the page for any given project. I’m high-touch because it’s who I am and also what I think you deserve. This means I invest everything I’ve got in a core handful of clients and projects rather than spreading my time and energy thin on every opportunity that comes my way.

18 Jul: There’s No Upside in Ordinary

Ordinary thinking and ordinary writing can only lead to ordinary results. For long term success, an organization needs to differentiate itself in a smart, appropriate way. Please note, that’s not the same thing as being “different” on a superficial, gimmicky level.


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